Rendez-vous in Nantes

The city turned upside down by art, do the Voyage à Nantes

Where in Nantes can you get a 360 degree view of the town and its suburbs perched 150 metres up? Which bit of modern art will give you the latest weather forecast? How many acres of green space will the Floral Gardens offer up to the heart of the town? Who are those people painted on the wall fallen from the sky? Welcome and enjoy your visit! You thought you knew the western most metropolis in Europe? You haven’t seen anything yet…

To do, to see


Nantes Saint-Nazaire Estuary Trail On the 60kms of the Loire estuary, this open-air museum will take you on a voyage of discovery of this fascinating land and the rich environmental heritage it holds. In 2012, 8 new perennial installations will join the ranks along this arts trail and bring the total to 29 the number of artworks on show on the whole of its length.


Contrary to many other great French cities, Nantes cuisine is not typically characterized through emblematic recipes. Our cuisine is characterized by a singular spirit linked to its history, its geographical location and the figures that had an impact on it. This spirit is the one of the opening to the world, of multiculturalism, of curiosity, of travelling… This is without a doubt because Nantes is at a crossroads between the sea and the land, between the sweet and the savoury, the world of plants and the world of animals, between Britanny, Vendée and the Loire river. And also because Nantes, with its port tradition, has been enriched by the flavours of the world that the explorers and the navigators have brought back over the centuries.

Things to know :

Visit Nantes with City Card 24h, 48h, 72h

Free admission to the tourist spots / Travel free of charge on public transport /

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Coming to Nantes

4 hours from Lille and Bordeaux, 4 hours and 1/2 from Lyon, 5 hours 10 from Strasbourg

As soon as you arrive, the aiport shuttle takes you to the heart of the city ( 15 to 20 minutes).


Tel + 33 272 640 479 (from abroad)

Tel 0892 464 044 (0,34€/mn from France)