Rendez vous in Toulouse

Toulouse heritage

Toulouse is a city of contrasts with an exceptional heritage that offers the visitor plenty of pleasant surprises such as mansions from the Renaissance period which was the golden age of the town.  The city also hosts an amazing blend of brick and stone buildings and a rich collection of museums built within historical monuments or on former industrial sites. From place to place, along streets and monuments, “la ville rose” meets history and reveals all its charms.  At night, the city enlightens and Toulouse takes on a new face: the facades, the monuments and the river become the main characters of Toulouse’s magical evenings.

Unique monuments and museums


Toulouse way of life

Enjoying the Midi Toulousain means taking the time to live.  Stroll through the bustling streets for a shopping trip, stroll through the market with its various flavours and colours or just linger at an outdoor café... Here, the atmosphere shows the personality of the southern people: authentic, friendly and popular. Toulouse also has a real knowledge when it comes to welcoming visitors and offering them good opportunities to gather around a table and to enjoy the local products (foie gras, fillet of duck, sausage, cassoulet of Toulouse, wines and cheeses...).

Book your stay

Make a reservation for your next stay in Toulouse. A discovery week-end along the Canal du Midi, a cultural heritage week-end, an exploration of “Cité de l'espace” theme park or a week-end only dedicated to relaxation and well being. Just pick one of these “à la carte week-ends” among our various stay proposals.  It will be the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a fortunate time while in Toulouse, a city renowned for its good way of life.

Contact & information

Toulouse tourist office
Donjon du Capitole - BP 38001
31080 Toulouse Cedex 6 - France
Tel. : 0892 180 180 (0,34 € incTax/Min)
From outside France:
Tel: +33 540 131 531