KTS FRANCE is involved in many official organisation proofs of its liability and professionalism.
  • Paris tourism board office
  • Official representative DMC for Normandy
  • Official representative for city of Carcasonne
  • Official providers for PACA region, fly in province program
  • MANOR.
  • SNAV (National  Union of Travel Agents
  • TravelSavers
  • Twin Members
  • IATA
  • SITE
South, North and Central America. VERA

North America, the planet’s 3rd largest continent, includes (23) countries and dozens of possessions and territories. It contains all Caribbean and Central America countries, Canada, Mexico, the United States of America, as well as Greenland - the world’s largest island.

Positioned in the planet's northern and western hemispheres, it's bordered in the north by the Arctic Ocean, in the east by the Atlantic Ocean, in the southeast by the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, and in the west by the Pacific Ocean.

India : AHS

Bageshwar in Uttarakhand has reported minimum Crude Birth Rate (CBR) of 14.7 while Dhemaji in Assam has reported the Minimum Crude Death Rate (CDR) of 4.5 as per the findings of the Annual Health Survey (AHS) in 284 districts of nine states. The survey results were released by Secretary, Health & Family Welfare Shri K. Chandramouli at a press conference in New Delhi today in the presence of Registrar General of India Shri C. Chandramouli. The CBR which is measure of live births per 1000 population was maximum at 40.9 in Shrawasti in Uttar Pradesh. CBR in rural areas of districts is generally higher than that in urban areas. CDR which denotes number of deaths per 1000 population was also maximum in Shrawasti at 12.6. Further, rural death rate in districts is significantly higher than the corresponding urban death rate. Low female death rates have also been observed as compared to male death rates.

Russia and Ukraine

 The Russia–Ukraine gas disputes refer to a number of disputes between Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy and Russian gas supplier Gazprom over natural gas supplies, prices, and debts. These disputes have grown beyond simple business disputes into transnational political issues—involving political leaders from several countries—that threaten natural gas supplies in numerous European countries dependent on natural gas imports from Russian suppliers, which are transported through Ukraine. Russia provides approximately a quarter of the natural gas consumed in the European Union; approximately 80% of those exports travel through pipelines across Ukrainian soil prior to arriving in the EU.

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